Squirrel Spirit Animal


Your child’s bedroom should feel like a safe magical place where play and imagination can run wild and free. Their wall art should only add to that. This hand painted artwork of the Squirrel Spirit Animal invite you and your child in a gentle way to connect to the squirrel totem. The squirrel totem invites you to have more fun, to prepare for the future and to be resourceful.

Enjoy having little chats about what the squirrel means to your child and how it can help him. Feel even more connected on a deeper, spiritual level. In every artwork, a moon or moonlight is painted. The moon is a powerful symbol of motherhood and therefore behind every child a mother is present.

All artworks are printed on the finest heavy weight quality (300 grams) Italian structured paper to maintain the look and feel of the original watercolor artwork.


Additional information

Dimensions 29 × 42 cm