Sweet Summer set of 4

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Join me on an enchanting journey with the Sweet Summer postcards set of 4, a delightful new collection that celebrates summer’s sweetest moments, the tiny yet unforgettable ones.  These sun-filled postcards bring whimsical, fairytale-inspired worlds to life with vibrant colors and joyful scenes.


Each postcard features a perfect print of the original pencil and paint artwork, capturing the charm of small, magical moments. Perfect for sending heartfelt messages to loved ones or as keepsakes to remember your own summer adventures, these postcards add a touch of magic to any gift.

Let the Sweet Summer postcards set transport you to a world of endless sunshine and joyful memories.


Crafted on eco-friendly 350g stock paper, each postcard features a matte coating for lasting beauty.

The generous writing space on the back invites you to share all your heartfelt thoughts and wishes.

Each card features a subtle logo and art title on the back side, maintaining the A6-sized dimensions (105 x 148 mm).

Please note that envelopes are not included; instead, our cards are thoughtfully wrapped in an eco-conscious paper wrapper.


These postcards will be a delight to share with your loved ones and will also look wonderful in a frame. Perfect for gifting!

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